Welcome to the internet home of the Mid Valley Poetry Collective!

Who we are

MVPC is a collective of poets, poetry groups, and organizations representing all of the Mid Willamette Valley (we allow the borders of such an area to remain elusive and undefined). We gather in the name of poetry to serve one another in our art. We long to hear the voices of the shy. We yearn to see, to hear, to feel your words be they happy or sad or simply descriptive of a thing your heart decides should be known.

If you need it, we can help you find your poet’s voice. And we’re so very excited to hear it! Let us be home for you.

What we do

We produce poetry events of all kinds: curated mixed-media shows (poetry slams, art/poetry events, performance poetry, etc.). We publish poetry of all kinds (from the loosely defined area of the Mid Willamette Valley).

We also promote poetry events of all kinds. If you have an event you would like to list on our website and social media, please reach out!